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Do you play at weddings?

Yes! We are available for hire at weddings, receptions, corporate events, private parties (including, of course, fancy dress parties like Caribbean-themed, Pirates of the Caribbean and beach parties) and anywhere else where great live reggae music is wanted. We also play for Jewish weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs when we draft in specialist musicians for the Israeli music.

How much does it cost to book WBJ?

If you are able to provide us with as much of the event information as possible, we will be able to give a quick and accurate quote for you. Our fees are not fixed, of course, and as such it would be ill-advised for us to give a strict price list. Usually the fee will be dependent on: the date, the location, the hours the band is required for as well as audience size, as with bigger crowds we may need to hire in extra equipment.

How much space do you require?

Our 7 piece regular line-up would ideally perform on a 16’ deep x 20’ wide stage. And we would require a 13 amp power point on each side of the stage to accommodate our PA. However, we have in the past been asked to augment our reggae band with additional MCs, rappers, percussionists and horn players which may require a larger stage. Having said these things, in the past we've performed on dance floor level without a stage at private parties and have also played on very small stages as can be seen on our videos. If we have a small stage, just don't expect too many dance moves!

What stage clothes do you wear?

People have different ideas about what ‘reggae’ is supposed to look like. For some, it’s the denim look that Bob Marley sported. For others, it’s Rasta standard red, gold and green or Jamaican national colours look or a ‘Back to Africa’ look. We’re happy with all of those, but as you can see from the pictures on the site we favour wearing a very tropical all-white unless asked to wear something else. We like a co-ordinated look rather than a uniform look, but we can dress in all-black outfits or even in a beach theme if you really want to see us in shorts!

Can we choose all of the songs for your live sets?

Yes, but we would charge extra for you to have that much control of our set list :) Whilst we thoroughly encourage that you let us know your requests and favourite reggae songs from our repertoire (and you’ll see that not all of our tunes are reggae songs) in advance, we would advise against picking out an entire set list as it is not conducive to the way that we perform. We're experienced people in our field. Our ability to jam the correct reggae tunes at the right time by 'feeling' the mood of a party at any particular moment is something you deserve to benefit from. Very rarely does a written set list get played in the exact order it's written.

Can you also play an ‘unplugged’ acoustic steel band set for a drinks reception or dinner?

Indeed we can. At least 3 members of the band are also professional steel pan players with top steel band, Solid Steel (see www.solid-steelband.com). As such, we can offer you two great acts for the price of one!

Can you recommend any Caribbean or reggae DJs?

We Be Jammin' has some very close links with some great DJs, who they work with regularly, and may be able to get a better deal for you than you would yourself by trying to book them directly. Some 'toast' live for us, examples of which you can see on our videos page, whilst others stay strictly behind their decks. Please check out: the Reggae DJs page

What happens if one of you falls sick on the day?

Our musicians are drawn from a community of the finest players in London. We are always, always able to find a reliable and rehearsed dep to stand in if any band member is unforeseeably unavailable. We have never cancelled on a client yet and have no intention of doing so!

How long does the band take to set up?

1 hour approximately. But in half that time if a PA is already provided for us.

Do we need to set the band up with food and drink?

Oh, thank you - yes! Please consider the journey time we may have taken to get to you, and the amount of time when you might reasonably expect the band members to have been away from their own kitchens. We often work long days and late nights at venues where even unhealthy ‘fast food’ isn’t an option, so we do appreciate whatever you can offer. We don't issue a rider because we would prefer you to treat us as guests- who just happen to be working for you. What no client wants is a band that yearns to sneak away from the venue for a pie and a pint, because they're not being catered for. The best performances always come from artistes who are treated hospitably and are happy themselves, in my experience.

Can you send us a promo pack/CD?

With the portability of information now available on the internet as well as the accessibility on tablets and smartphones, we are finding more and more that hard copies of promotional material is becoming less of a requirement. This helps us keep our costs and therefore quotes down, so generally speaking it is unusual for us to send out hard copies of anything by post. However, if this is something that you require, let us know and we will try to make arrangements.